PCG Healthcare Financial Solutions recruiting for business development manager

PCG Healthcare Financial solutions offers a comprehensive and innovative platform together with Qlik licensing and consultancy to support healthcare organisations with patient level costing, pricing, commissioning and service line reporting. Our software is highly configurable and has been able to meet all the developing needs of healthcare organisations over the past eight years. We are investing in the development of a new costing module as a result of the regulatory shift in the market which we anticipate being ready to market in January 2016. Having previously relied on organic growth through word of mouth we believe our unique platform has the potential to become a market leader and are now looking for a dedicated Business Development Manager to extend our reach and enhance our existing client experience. [More]

PCG Care Solutions features in new social care commissioning publication

Top Tips: Commissioning for Market Diversity has been published by Think Local Act Personal (TLAP) and aims to help council commissioners focus on the work they need to do in developing a diverse care and support market that reflects the local population and provides choice for people.

PCG Care Solutions features as a case study in the paper providing an example of a regional approach to marketplace development across Yorkshire and Humber using the Connect to Support platform. The case study can be found on page 29. [More]

Plotting a roadmap for those with complex needs

Local commissioners across the UK now have an opportunity to look beyond mere compliance with the Care Act, Universal Credit or employment programmes and to generate systemic change to address the issues of complex dependency states PCG’s Jenny Pescod and Cathy Anderson.

The US recently took a significant step towards fully embracing independence and employment as the primary goal for disabled individuals, making explicit reference in legislation to: ‘opportunities to seek employment and work in competitive and integrated settings, engage in community life, control personal resources and receive service in the community to the same degree as individuals who do not receive support…’ [More]

'Time for Me' platform launched in Birmingham

PCG Care Solutions has launched the first eMarketplace which is specifically aimed at carers and meeting their ‘wellbeing’ needs.

The ‘Time for Me’ platform was commissioned by Forward Carers, a consortium of organisations working together as Birmingham Carers Hub.

One in eight people care for a loved one or dependent and there are more than 107,000 carers in Birmingham alone. Numbers are expected to grow resulting in people juggling care, work, family and their social lives. [More]