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2015-06-11 Plotting a roadmap for those with complex needs 0 None

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2017-05-17 PCG and Evergreen Life presents ‘next generation social prescribing’ at King’s Fund event 0 None
2017-02-28 Public Consulting Group Announces Creation of New Technology Business Line in UK 0 None
2016-07-06 PCG self-serve assessment tool praised by LGA, ADASS and Socitm 0 None
2016-07-05 PCG at Socitm ShareDigital event 0 None
2015-09-12 Monitor publish third costing paper written by PCG's Matthew Bell 0 None
2015-07-27 PCG UK expands operations with Systems Associates deal 0 None
2015-07-08 PCG Healthcare Financial Solutions recruiting for business development manager 0 None
2015-07-07 PCG Care Solutions features in new social care commissioning publication 0 None
2015-06-15 Devolution is yours for the taking.....if you can show what you'll do with it 0 None
2015-06-11 Plotting a roadmap for those with complex needs 0 None
2015-06-05 'Time for Me' platform launched in Birmingham 0 None
2015-06-01 Tribute to Judith Snow 0 None
2015-06-01 New eCommerce win for PCG 0 None
2015-05-27 PCG Care Solutions features in national think tank report 0 None
2015-05-26 We've partnered with MY Life CIC and international inclusion pioneer Judith Snow to offer free workshops 0 1
2015-05-20 We're recruiting for a new Finance Manager 0 None
2015-03-12 PCG Healthcare Financial Solutions wins contract with Beacon Hospital 0 None
2015-03-09 PCG Healthcare Financial Solutions sponsors NHS Payment System conference 0 None
2015-03-09 PCG Care Solutions takes part in 'inclusive community experience' 0 None
2015-03-09 PCG moves into healthcare income and costing sector 0 None
2015-03-09 PCG Care Solutions further expands its team 0 None

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2015-10-26 Carers Webinar 0 None


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