PCG moves into healthcare income and costing sector

Public Consulting Group (PCG) is pleased to announce that it has formed a new division in the UK called PCG Healthcare Financial Solutions. It will provide patient-level income, costing and reporting systems, together with associated consultancy to health organisations across the UK and Europe. The development follows the acquisition of the business and assets of Belvan Healthcare Financial Solutions Limited in January 2015, which already provides systems and services to 10 hospital and ambulance trusts in the UK.

PCG Healthcare Financial Solutions will build on Belvan’s track record and innovation in the sector and the acquisition will enable it to expand its operations, bringing in expertise from PCG in the United States - which has nearly 30 years’ proven experience of cost reporting in healthcare. [More]

PCG Care Solutions further expands its team

PCG Care Solutions (which includes the shop4support platform) has this month welcomed Laura Bimpson to its expanding team.

Laura joins the team as its Partnerships Manager and will be responsible for fostering new relationships and partnerships across the third and independent sectors and contributing to business development in these areas. A key part of Laura’s work will also include innovation and development in end-user initiatives, particularly in relation to self-funders.

Joining from In Control, the charity responsible for pioneering the concept and practice of self-directed support, Laura brings a wealth of experience of the personalisation agenda in social care and health. [More]