Digital Transformation

Channel Shift and Digital Transformation of services delivered to citizens is no easy task. There can be resistance by internal departments who do not understand or are fearful of the process, there can be challenges in shaping a service that the citizen is happy to use, rather falling back on old habits and picking up the phone and there is a myriad of solutions to choose from that offer to solve every conceivable problem.

At PCG we aim to offer implementable, affordable advice and services to achieve Channel Shift goals and to demonstrate that the process does not have to be expensive or too painful.

We offer a range of products, services and consultancy to achieve this. The following sections describe some of these and how they can be used.

The Self Service Culture

The public are used to helping themselves in so many aspects of modern living. Once an activity is available online, users will usually prefer to use the digital version rather than the alternative. This is not true of course when the service is poorly designed, difficult to use or find, or if the online method appears to be more cumbersome that the alternatives.
It is therefore not enough to provide a web form that simply replaces a paper one - the online service must offer a better experience to the customer, to encourage them to complete the process online. This is the self-service culture: a realisation that Digital Transformation not only means the movement of services to a digital platform, but that it must involve a rework of that service to ensure citizen engagement.

Our services

We provide a number of services to help an organisation implement and improve its digital presence and online service provision to citizens:

  • A functional, digital design service to deliver services to citizens in a no-frills, easy-to-understand manner
  • A content analysis and migration service, ensuring content in any project is appropriate and the quality is uplifted to the right standards for use by citizens
  • Design of transactional services to encourage channel shift
  • A cross-device strategy, to ensure all services are available on all popular digital devices from mobile to desktop and at shared locations
  • Integration with all services, including legacy services where APIs and other documented access methods are not provided
  • An “Open Source first” product consultancy, helping organisations to choose the right tools at little or no license cost.
  • Powerful search technology, with features such as results as you type and full local GIS support
  • Integration with Open Source CRM, Case Management and EDRM solutions, to provide a platform capable of handling an organisation’s full set of Digital by Default requirements
  • 12 years of experience in delivering citizen-facing solutions to Government

Our services are delivered as digital transformation consultancy, SaaS, hosting, integration and development.

Our product set includes:

  • Content Management
  • CRM
  • Search
  • Document Management
  • Single Sign-on
  • Forms
  • Workflow
  • Case Management
  • e-Commerce for B2B and B2C applications

Our services include:

  • Consultancy
    • Digital Transformation and Channel Shift
    • Creation of a Digital Self Service culture
    • Digital Design and Citizen User Journeys
    • Integration with back end services
    • Accessibility
    • Content strategy
    • Security
  • Software as a Service
  • Design and Development
  • Hosting
  • Service and Support

With many years’ experience in this area and we understand why some strategies work and some don’t. We have experience in identifying the organisational reasons why digital initiatives don’t work and why there is internal or public resistance to a digital initiative.