Personal health budgets

Our solution for Personal Health Budgets encompasses all four elements of the Care Solutions platform, meaning that it is used by patients, providers, third-party brokers and local CCG staff.

Our approach builds on our experience as UK's leading web-based solution for personal budgets in adult social care, but we recognise there are crucial differences between health and social care.

Benefits of our personal health budget solutions include

Budget management

Solutions for all of the three ways identified for personal health budgets to be managed (notional budget, third party budget and direct payments).

Approved providers

Users can be restricted so that they can only spend their personal health budget on 'approved' services.

Commercial Options

Low entry costs and innovative commercial models that provide an option for the solution to become self-financing.


Wider expertise in health

Alongside our expertise in personalisation, PCG is a proven systems supplier to the health sector in the UK, providing patient-level income and costing systems to several health organisations including NHS Trusts and Ambulance Trusts. In the USA, PCG is a recognised leader in health care reform and health benefits exchange consulting, a leading provider of revenue enhancement, rate setting, and cost settlement services.