Local Authority

In a time of financial constraints, the quality of public services can often suffer. This does not have to be the case. Opportunities can be found to introduce joined up, person centred provision achieving better outcomes for individuals and value for money. Finding the space to identify these opportunities is somewhere PCG can help.

PCG brings hands on experience in rethinking how services are delivered to individuals and families across social care, community services and wider sectors. From needs analysis to process redesign and community engagement research we offer public servants the right mix of tools and consultancy to enhance their capacity to meet future demands.

For every client, we take you through a structured review process to help you achieve the outcomes you need.


Lifecycle Management

Readiness review

Local authorities are preparing to implement significant changes to the way their citizen's social care, health and education needs are met. A number of these changes result in an extension of duties while budgets continue to be squeezed. PCG works with local authorities to identify and prioritise all the areas of potential change and those stakeholders affected, putting local authorities in a better position to not only meet statutory requirements but deliver real transformation for individuals in a cost effective way. Our work provides a springboard for change, with tangible and realistic actions that are owned by our clients.

Process redesign

In order to meet increases in demand and changing demographics, local authorities must rethink how they deliver services to support their end users. PCG works with stakeholder to carefully plan, implement and monitor service redesign and integration. Our consultants map out options to improve operations with a clear eye for risk to ensure the implications of implementation are fully understood. Transformation is supported by high quality and user-friendly technological solutions in PCG Care Solutions, which focus on supporting choice and control for the individual user. The results are streamlined processes, reduced customer journey time and improved departmental collaboration.

Multi-agency brokerage

Local authorities do not have the capacity to meet increases in demand alone. It is essential that partners from across sectors are engaged and utilised. For many organisations, particularly those in the voluntary and community sectors, support will be required to enable them to respond to local needs. PCG works with organisations on behalf of local authorities to improve their internal processes and systems, improve their information and promote their services more widely. Our citizen portal, provided by PCG Care Solutions, supports local authorities to manage market supply and demand, helping to raise individual awareness of the variety of provision available and to manage their budget and transact online in a fully auditable way.