Major structural changes and financial pressures are creating not only substantial risks, but also opportunities, for providers of health care in the UK. In the current climate, health sector organisations need innovative ideas and proven strategies. This is where PCG comes in with our commitment to working in the public sector, an agile team, innovative approach and extensive health sector experience.

From developing strategy and managing change, to enabling cost and income reporting, we offer a wide array of tools and consulting services to help healthcare organisations deliver better outcomes for patients.

"The single most powerful way to encourage change in practice is to stop paying for what does not work and start paying for what does."

Strategy review

A solid strategy, rooted in a compelling purpose statement and an aligned operating model, is of pivotal importance in a period of NHS reconfigurations and squeezed finances. PCG, working with experienced partners devoted to supporting the health sector, helps healthcare organisations understand where they want to be in the marketplace and how to get there, instead of waiting for the market to decide for them. Our work incorporates robust analytical discovery tools, such as patient segmentation, competition analysis, financial modelling and strategic options appraisal.

Change management

If there is one constant in today’s healthcare environment it is the persistent pressure to change and improve the way services are delivered. In nearly 30 years of transformative public sector consulting we have led multiple change initiatives, from concept to implementation and supporting ongoing operations. With a full arsenal of proven practices and strategies, our team has helped healthcare organisations realise systemic change towards more integrated, optimised, and customer-driven services. Our change management offer is comprehensive, tailored specifically to challenging environments where the ‘salami slicing’ approach does not offer a sustainable solution to the level of savings required and where leaders must inspire and guide their staff to deliver services differently.

Service Line Reporting: practical tools and hands on support

Managing the delivery of health care services in a complex and ever-changing environment requires sophisticated reporting and management tools. PCG Healthcare Financial Solutions offers state of the art Patient Level Income and Service Line Reporting systems. These user-friendly solutions have been developed to help NHS Trusts cope with financial pressures as well as assist effective change management. Our consultants work with Trusts to support their journey through the implementation and change process, ensuring effective system use and organisation-wide stakeholder engagement.
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