We work alongside education providers offering bespoke consulting and support to help them raise standards. Our focus is on the accountability, governance and leadership challenges facing schools, academies and their sponsors as government policy moves towards increasing autonomy and freedom. We can help you to audit your school's needs, create an action plan to address them and monitor your success. We tailor industry leading methodologies to your requirements, with an offer encompassing consulting, coaching, training courses and technology, enabling you to focus on improving outcomes. Working together can often be more powerful than working alone and we bring our experience and partners in Health and Social Care to supplement what we can offer the education sector.

Sustainable Change

Governor training

In association with our partner Incyte, we run three courses for governing bodies, focused on what makes effective governance; understanding data; and getting ready for Ofsted. These are interactive and personalised courses that enable a governing body to develop better self-evaluation skills and to better understand the strengths and areas for improvements within their school. It enables them to more effectively challenge and support the school's leaders without over stepping the mark.

We tailor courses to specific governing body requirements. All our trainers are experienced Ofsted inspectors or school governors and prepare for their courses through in depth conversation with the Chair of the governing body and the head teacher. They also request access to the school's data so that they can fully understand the school's context.


Education becomes more data rich every day, however, making effective use of this data can be challenging. Bringing together data from multiple sources, taking action on based on what it shows, and being able to show the impact of action is becoming increasing important. School networks, alliances and MATs are continuing to evolve, and at the same time are required to establish and maintain a comprehensive, on-going accountability framework, whether that be in relation to finances, compliance and safeguarding, or pupil performance. Partly this is about data systems and technology. But we believe the governance, leadership and management aspects of an effective accountability framework are more important. PCG has developed a practical professional development model that provides coaching to middle leaders and senior executives on establishing and maintaining the operational practices needed for effective accountability.

Technical support

PCG can provide tools to support planning, data capture and analysis at school level. PCG's special education management advice and technologies help to improve outcomes for millions of students with special educational needs. Behavioural intervention tracking helps to ensure that teachers are providing the best instruction and interventions tailored to student needs. Schools across the world have benefited from PCG's school improvement and strategic planning advisory and technology solutions. In addition, PCG provides support to make best use of the technology once implemented. For example, PCG has worked across the EU helping school leaders develop the ability to use large datasets and make evidence based decisions to improve educational outcomes.